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I help Luxury/Fashion Ecom Brands make At Least 20%
in Revenue within 90 Days, with Beat Branded
, And without burning...
your list to the ground

If you’re a brand owner doing at least $20k per month in revenue and you don’t have a customer retention system that
prints free money and creates a loyal community of customers using Email Marketing, then you’re in the right place.

Wall Of Proof

My Pretty Straps: Case Study

We Increased My Pretty Straps' Email Revenue +283.53% In 7 Months.

When we picked My Pretty Straps in February, they were making almost $81k/month from all their email marketing...

Persuasion Pulse

Fast forward 7 months, we hit $312,622K/month with a grand total of $1,327,066.53 generated with emails. This is the power of a long-term partnership.

Persuasion Pulse

You won't believe what Marc has pulled off for our brand – it's like a real-life rollercoaster ride! We were doing pretty well in terms of total revenue. However, email marketing was one of our bottlenecks... until Marc stepped in, it's like he hit the turbo button (his beat branded approach).Suddenly, we're in the 8-figure league!


Persuasion Pulse



Tired of Facebook holding you hostage?

It is time to Break Free!

Ecom Brands in 2023 are going multi-channel.Advertising costs are skyrocketing every single year, updates like the IOS 14.5 increased the average CAC by a whopping 11.6%.It is now more costly. And more difficult to reach the same target audience as before.

A lack of a predictable client retention machine can lead to:

  • Revenue Volatility: The absence of a consistent stream of repeat customers puts you on a rollercoaster ride that more closely resembles the life of a gambler than a business owner.

  • Increased Customer Acquisition Costs: Acquiring a new customer is 5-25x more expensive than keeping an existing customer (Source: Klaviyo Analytics).

  • Unengaged Audience: Unengaged audiences might buy once and churn. This leads to low conversions, low click rates, and open rates. They keep churning because your message does not resonate with them. It’s like lighting cash on fire.

  • The death of your Ecom Business! A ban from Facebook can kill your business. An unengaged audience might stop buying from you and purchase from your competitors.

What if, instead, you own the traffic? And stop being at the mercy of a platform?What if, instead, for every $1 you invest, you get $38 back?What if, instead, you can create the most cost-effective retention machine that keeps your customers coming for more?This is what you can achieve with Email Marketing.Email Marketing is the most effective way to get new customers, fuel repeat purchases and build brand loyalty.Better yet, it has the best ROI of any marketing strategy in the world - 3800%. Email Marketing is the ultimate hands-free client retention machine.

What is Beat Branded Marketing?


Transferring the luxury experience from physical stores to online platforms is CHALLENGING.It requires finding ways to appeal to customers’ senses, provide personalization, storytelling, and convey the brand’s historical and cultural heritage.


Most agencies run massive flash sales and discounts to make you money quickly.While this might work in the short term ... All it does in the long term is devalue your brand and burn your list to the ground.Most LIKELY SCENARIO?Clients will never want to open another email from you. EVER again.Beat Branded Marketing strikes a healthy balance between high-converting DIRECT RESPONSE marketing tactics - to make the sale RIGHT NOW …With BRAND MARKETING to create a unique brand experience and maintain “brand” equity in the long-term.A few examples of how I can implement this for your brand:

  • Write Story-based emails: Write story-based emails that appeal to customers’ senses and take your customers on a journey to recreate the luxury experience in the online world.

  • Write more plain text emails: plain text emails are highly underrated because you are standing out from the crowd. It is like they are directly speaking to the founder.

  • Write Campaigns That Educate and Entertain that will have your customers eagerly clicking and devouring every word.

Here's How This Works

Persuasive Pulse Philosophy

Most Agencies
Persuasion Pulse

Hold up! Let me spill the tea on most agencies out there. Their sole obsession is raking in moolah at warp speed.And you know what that LEADS to?Cutting corners left and right. Biting more than they can chew, and outsourcing the work to bargain-basement contractors in a third-world country.And what does all of this TRANSLATE to?A poor customer experience that feels like a never-ending disappointment, results that are either mediocre or non-existent, and clients leaving faster than you can say “au revoir”!You don’t want this to happen to you!Persuasion Pulse isn’t an Agency. I limit my client roster to 3 clients/month so I can provide a personalized experience and give your business the attention it deserves.When you do, you’ll have a dedicated Growth Partner. I’ll become an extension of your team

That's Me, Marc - Hello!

7 Step Process

💻 STEP #1: FREE Consultation Call

This is a 15-30min diagnostic call to learn about your business, assess your current email marketing strategy, and identify specific burning problems that require attention. If we’re a good fit, we move to the second step.

👗🍷 STEP #2: Couture Tasting (5-Day Paid Trial)

Client relationships are like a stylish rendezvous. Would you propose a fashion collaboration on your first encounter? Of course not! That's why we offer a "Couture Tasting" - a 5-day Paid Trial to ensure our styles align perfectly before entering a long-term partnership.

🗺️ STEP #3: In-Depth Audit & Strategic Roadmap

With the insights from the diagnostic call and paid trial, we craft a comprehensive roadmap to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

🎯 STEP #4: Market Insight

The next step is delving deep into the minds of your target audience. This pivotal stage is often overlooked, yet it is crucial for crafting compelling emails that truly resonate.

💥✉️ STEP #5: Craft Compelling Beat Branded Emails

I craft email sequences (flows) and email campaigns to guide your audience through a personalized journey, nurture relationships, drive conversions, and build long-lasting connections.I use advanced list segmentation techniques to divide your email list into meaningful segments. I only sent relevant and personalized content to maximize engagement.

🔍 STEP #6: Optimization & Reporting

Continual optimization and data-driven insights are at the core of the brand response approach. I closely monitor the data, identify bottlenecks, refine my strategies, and provide in-depth reporting on the impact of my efforts.

🤝 STEP #7: Ongoing Support & Collaboration

A Few Samples

Design #1: Welcome Email

Persuasion Pulse

Text #1: Story-based

Subject Line: A message from the Founders
Preview Text: Why X Exist

Welcome [Name]

I’m Sarah, marketing lead here at My Pretty Straps.Our co-founders Carla, Sergei, and Elaine want to personally thank you for joining the Pretty Strap Squad.5 years ago, a life-altering trip to Dubai turned our lives upside down (for the better)Ever since, we’ve been tirelessly working our tails off, pulling 14-hour days and enduring sleepless nights to make our dream a reality.We wanted to create unique Luxury Watch strap bands and jewelry accessories that don’t break the bank (and don’t turn your wrists green).We just hoped that people would be as fed up as we were with wearing CRAPPY and BORING rubber bands…And WASTING a fortune on synthetic jewelry that loses its sparkle faster than a Kardashian marriage.But we were scared.As we sat on a couch, we pondered the “what ifs”:What if no one likes our designs?What if no one believes in affordable, high-quality luxury accessories?What if our designs become so popular that we are hunted down by fashion paparazzi at every corner?We tried to quell our thoughts.After all, our mission was above all that self-doubt drama (being chased by fashion paparazzi isn’t that bad after all).So, finally… we put our fingers together and clicked that long-awaited button:PUBLISH.And the rest is history… in a short span of 4 years, we have become a globally recognized brand serving hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.There’s a good reason why:We’re on a mission to empower women like you to fearlessly embrace your unique style with accessories that make you feel proud, beautiful, and confident.You don’t have to settle for ugly sports bands.You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a piece of jewelry that lastsWith your support, we can continue to grow this movement, release more collections and unique designs, and change the luxury industry forever.Because you joined the tribe, we’re offering you an exclusive FOUNDER’S Gift (Buy One Get One FREE)* with no *strings attached (wear now and pay later).That’s right, Add as many items as you want to your cart and only pay for half of them. For Example, get 10 for the price of 5.Here’s how it works:

  1. 1. Choose at least two stunning pieces from our store

  2. 2. Hit the Checkout Button (see how 1 item magically pops up for free)

  3. 3. Select After Pay Option (if you wish to pay in 4-interest-free installments)

  4. 4. Enjoy your Purchase

--> Get your Founder's Gift NOW (Expires in 5 days) <---

It is time to break free and embrace true STYLE and QUALITY.Anywhere. Anytime. No matter the occasion!It is great to have you onboard.Talk soon,
Sergei, Carlota, and Elaine
My Pretty Strap Founders

P.S. If you want to be the first in line for our upcoming launches and exclusive offers, simply hit “reply” to this email.

Design #2: Best Sellers

Persuasion Pulse

Text #2: Plain Text (Flash Sale)

Subject Line: Free Summer Gift Card Inside 💳 (claim yours today)
Preview Text: Open this for a gift

Hi [NAME],Are your wrists feeling as hot, sticky, and uncomfortable as mine in this CRAZY summer heat?I feel you!That’s why, as a way to help you survive the SCORCH …I’m giving away 25 Summer Gift Cards to the first 25 people who are ready to conquer the heat!The Summer Gift Card is exclusively valid for our most breathable straps: The Mesh BandsHere's how you can claim Yours:

  1. Click here to get your discount, it will be auto-applied when you check out

  2. Add Your Favorite Mesh Bands to your Cart

  3. Check if there are any Gift Cards available by using the promo code “SUMMERX”

If there are, consider yourself lucky!

  1. Save a huge 10% on your order!

  2. Place your order and send your friends the code above to help them kickstart the summer with comfort and style!

Stay Cool,
Marketing Lead at My Pretty Straps


Only Taking on two new clients this month

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